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Low investment high profit

Low investment high profit


1. Bookkeeper from home

Bookkeeping is not a protected profession. That is why anyone can do it, provided, of course, that you know what is involved. There are relatively many home bookkeepers. Some better than others ;-). Now that more and more entrepreneurs book their accounts themselves in online environments, you can of course see how you can come between them with your knowledge. An entrepreneur who books himself, you do not need to help with ‘the accounting’. See if you can work from the figures. Look where you can be of addition in the accounting process of the customer and immerse yourself in this.


One of the possibilities is interpreting the figures for your clients. The only thing you need for this is the login codes of your customer. The customer books himself and you are the fresh perspective on the figures. The one who can keep an eye on the big picture. Of course, here again you need to be careful. You are, of course, working with the figures and therefore with money. Only do this if you really understand it! By the way, Mirna wrote a blog from her experiences as an accountant with this process. It’s specifically about filing the VAT return and what you can get out of it as an entrepreneur.


2. Valuing art

Art is a form of property that is based on emotion. In recent years, quite a lot of art has been purchased. Now it may well be that this is going to come to a head. That’s not a bad thing. As an art appraiser you can hitch a ride on both rising markets and falling markets. After all, a sale comes about in both markets. As a hobby art lover, I don’t really know much about art. In that sense, choosing this option means choosing to delve into the subject matter or to know a lot about it. Of course it is something you can do from home and therefore one of the possibilities I discuss with you.


3. Property valuation

With good market knowledge, real estate appraisal can provide a valid business from home. Especially with all the information currently available via the internet (just think of all the information on The other day we needed an appraisal for our own house. It was nice to see how the market works and that a lot of things are done from home. The only thing that has to be done physically is to record the condition of the house and take a few up-to-date photographs. The rest you can do all from home.


Are you willing to get your teeth into real estate? Then it pays to take a course on real estate. Mirna and I have taken several and it really gives a high Return on Investment. We pass on this knowledge to our clients at our seminars. It just goes to show that we are all students. The moment we stop learning (and investing) in ourselves we stop living and especially stop growing. Progression in our growth is one of those things that gives us the most as human beings. Invest in this. If you love the fruits, you must love the process of sowing and reaping.


4. Guide personal development

Personal development has become a catch-all term as broad as it is elusive in which many activities are placed. We all go through things that can be valuable to other people. Especially if you have overcome it and someone else is still in the middle of it. We have written literally hundreds of articles about this in our blog segment. Search on personal development and you’ll immediately find all the articles related to this. The knowledge industry accounts for billions in revenue each year and will continue to grow in the coming years. Probably explosively so.


More and more people are seeing that the classic paradigm “go to school, get good grades, find a good and secure job” no longer works in today’s age. So a whole new industry is emerging that is going to get bigger and bigger in the coming years. Sometimes people think ‘so what do I have to offer now?’ Logical thought. From doubt to faith to trust is the process you then go through to ensure that you continue to grow and start to see that everyone has experienced valuable things that they can pass on to others. I really see FOUR opportunities here. Don’t think it’s not for you. Want to learn more about how to put your mission out into the world? Then be sure to go to our website and download one of the wealth accelerators. In addition, you can also listen to our podcast.



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