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Make coaching more effective by improving communication

Open’ line communication
The AXIWI communication system in the coaching headsets has an ‘open’ communication line. This means that the communication line is continuously open, just like a telephone call. This allows referees to transfer information directly and quickly. Especially in confusing game situations and when making crucial decisions during the match, it is important to hear the observations of fellow referees immediately and to be able to share their own observations.

Referees development
Technology is increasingly being integrated into sports to improve sports performance and gain insight into this performance. The AXIWI improves the referee’s performance by allowing him or her to communicate directly and quickly with his or her fellow referee.

In addition, it contributes to the development of the referees, as it enables them to communicate faster and more directly. In various sports referees are accompanied by assessors or referee coaches. During a match, they sit in the stands to analyze the referee’s performance. By providing the assessor with an AXIWI communication system, they can listen in and know exactly what the referees in the field are saying and how they react to game situations. This allows the observer to evaluate the referee’s actions even better and include them in the evaluation after the match.

Affordable communication system
The technology of communication systems has been around for years, but AXIWI now also makes it affordable. The communication system is much cheaper compared to similar alternatives. The combination of good quality and competitive price makes the AXIWI communication system sought after by referees.