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Top Tips on How to be Productive in the Office

Heading to work every day can seem like a chore, but it must be done and most of our life is spent there so we may as well make the most of it and work as hard as we can. Each employee will have their own way of working to suit them and their job role, but if your lacking in productivity and you need a boost, we might have some answers.

Stop Hot Desking

The topic of hot desking can cause quite the stir. With many pro’s and con’s to be argued, where do you stand on the matter?

In our opinion, whilst hot desking can work in some work environments, it’s not suitable for everyone. Hot desking can cause stress levels to rise, as the thought of finding a new seat everyday can be troublesome. Another factor is the ability to build strong work relationships, whilst you get to network you won’t see that the same people too often.

To cut the stress and make staff feel more comfortable, we say designate desks for maximum productivity.

Use office Screens

Tying in nicely with the designated desks, using desk dividers and free-standing office screens have been proven to support productivity levels. Introducing acoustic office screens to a working environment takes the daily distractions away, leaving a quieter and more peaceful working space.

Complete Smaller Tasks

We’ve all been there, looking at a list of things that only take a minute or 2 but really can’t find the motivation to complete them. If you have any points on your to-do list which are under 2 minutes long, concentrate to complete them and stop procrastination.

Assess your meetings

Attending meetings throughout your workday can feel monotonous and occasionally can be a waste of time. Decide to go through the meetings you have booked, looking at the content and if they are worth while and necessary.

Going to meetings will cut into your working time, and add additional pressure to complete high importance task.