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Day trading comparison with scalping and swing trading

The world of crypto trading is very different from what happened before, but it’s easier to stick to using the same lexicon and jargon when we’re addressing the fast-paced day trading method of crypto.

Day trading comparison with scalping 

Many people argue that scalping and day trading are, in essence, the same types of trading, as trading takes place within one day with those trends. These aren’t the same though.

Scalping is one of the most difficult types of trading as traders need to use the shortest time periods, creating a high-pressure situation.

Scalpers open and close multiple positions over a span of one day in an attempt to benefit netly from minor price fluctuations.

So this strategy basically gives them access to a greater number of trading opportunities; plus, they are less exposed to risk because the value of each trading is really low.

Contrary to scalpers who place hundreds of trades in a single day under the presumption that small price movements are easier to take advantage of, day traders will open no more than one or two positions per day as their concentration is on the best opportunities.

Day traders usually hold the position for several hours but less than a complete trading day compared with scalpers.

Swing trading comparison with day trading

Swing trading is another popular approach among traders groups trying to capture profits over a span of several days to a few weeks. 

They sporadically enter and exit the market on the basis of the latest opportunities. Because their positions are more transparent than those of day traders or scalpers, they often go with both simple and technical research.

This also explains why swing traders tend to wait longer to develop a trade and continue to use risk devices like stop-loss or take-profit orders. We are getting more time on their hands.

Compared to day traders who might want to spend more time in front of their screens over a span of one day, swing traders frequently hold to their trading plan to close down their positions, in which case crypto bots sound like a useful solution.

The risks of day trading with crypto

Day trading is risky just like any other kind of trading. But in the sense of the high-volatility crypto market this is even more so.

If investing in cryptocurrencies you should note that there is a substantial risk that your exchange will be compromised. This is particularly bad news for day traders: you are likely to keep your money on an exchange with day trading, because it is very difficult to move coins from cold to hot storage many times in a short time.

And of course you should try and study the project before investing in a coin, because the uncertainty rates of crypto markets mean that even projects with a poor business model will peak for a while and confuse you as a day trader. 

But with all forms of crypto-trading, as much as with day-trading in particular, you should only enter the market after carefully researching the coins and properties you are about to sell.

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