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Photo scavenger hunt ideas for Easter.

Easter is celebrated yearly by both religious and non-religious people and what makes the season even better is the fact that after several months of hiding from the nail-biting cold, Easter provides families with an opportunity to hang out and to eat chocolate (especially rabbit-shaped ones). However, there’s more to this well-liked holiday than just chocolate and nice weather, for most families, it’s a custom to hold yearly Easter egg scavenger hunt or similar variants.


What is a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is a contest where the participating teams are given a list of several items that they need to obtain to win. These participants will also have to solve a series of riddles that give clues to the locations of the items. 

What makes a scavenger hunt different (and more exciting) than a treasure hunt is a fact that there is no “treasure” to be found, as all the items on the scavenger hunt list are funny or pretty much useless. There are many alterations of the traditional scavenger hunt one of which is the photo scavenger hunt that is popular among all age groups from children to college graduates and adults.


What Is a Photo Scavenger Hunt?

To create more context, it is important to dive deeper into what a photo scavenger hunt is. It is a fun, active game for all ages where participants vie to be the first to complete a list of photo-based tasks in a limited amount of time. Usually, these tasks are to photograph specific people, places, items or scenarios, often with the players themselves featured in the photographs.


Important Photo Scavenger Hunt rules to keep in mind.

  •  If participants will be playing individually a minimum of five or six people are needed to make it work. If in teams, then no less than nine players are recommended.
  •  If playing in teams, it is required that team members stay together all through the length of the game.
  •  All photos must be prepared by team members during the duration of the game itself.
  •  Responses to tasks must be distinctive and made exclusively to fulfill that particular task
  •  You can insist that at least one member of the team or an item of your choice be featured in every photo to curb cheating.
  •  Once the game is over, all the players reconvene to together look at the photographs taken by each team. Points are awarded, and a winning team is declared.


Compiling a Photo Scavenger Hunt List

Deciding on a theme for your photo scavenger hunt will help to put things in perspective and help with your decision on the number of team members, places, objects and actions to photograph right from the onset. Before you choose a theme, it is nice to think of similar interests that you have with your family, friends or intended group to make it more fun. Also, if the photo scavenger hunt will take place in a specific neighborhood, you might decide to dig into history to conjure up many of the tasks. 


What to do before a Photo Scavenger Hunt 

  •  Send out invitations.
  •  Ensure that everyone knows the meeting venue.
  •  It is recommended that you ask participants to wear practical footwear such as sneakers (so they can run better).


What to do on the day of the Photo Scavenger Hunt 

  •  Share everyone into teams.
  •  Give out cameras and make sure the participants know how to use them.
  •  Hand out task-lists.
  •  Ensure that everyone knows the rules and the points system.
  •  Urge teams to be as creative as possible in tackling the photo-tasks.
  •  Make sure participants know where they are to meet at the end of the hunt, and at what time.


What to do after the Photo Scavenger Hunt 

It’s always a great idea to compile a scrapbook or photo book holding the good quality images from the hunt that you can give to all the participants as a souvenir.


Will you hold an Easter scavenger hunt this year?