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The greatest birdhouses

If you were looking for a birdhouse, you better can look on internet. If you find shops on internet selling birdhouses it is much easier to compare prices. Also it is much easier to see if any shop has anything you like. is a dutch company. They sell birdhouses for every kind of bird you can imagine. Beside that they also sell feed tables, bird baths and insect hotel. It is very nice to buy all they got and put it in your garden. Birds will find their way to the birdhouses and the insects will find their way to their special houses. In the Neterlands they are far with internet shop selling. The competition is quite large. And the country is so small. So many sellers and only 17 milion people will make the prices go down.

Besides the low prices for products, webshops also atract their customers with discounts and free delivery. For small shops this is too much. They can’t hold on and fall down. At the end only the big companies will stay. Also Amazon came to the Netherlands last year. And as you know they sell everything and they make sure the competition will go on.

A swedish birdhouse from amazing quality