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Traffic management, but make it modern

If a person from the year 1822 time travels to the year 2022, they may well have a heart attack. The difference in our technology is so massive it is mind blowing to think about. These advancements throughout the years have made our lives easier and made things a lot more convenient for us as well. 

One of the areas where we can see very obvious change through the years, in regard to technology, is in traffic management. We started off with riding horses and carriages on dirt roads, and now we have electric cars and highways. Time has truly made traffic management technology better and better. And in this blog post, we will deliver a list of interesting technological advancements we have today in traffic management.

Long range RFID

A very relevant area of security that many restricted areas and gated communities are access control. Having a simple continuous flow of traffic is important for businesses to be able to keep running effectively and for gated communities to feel safer.

Long range RFID, or radio frequency identification, uses electromagnetic fields to be able to wirelessly track and identify different objects, and in this case vehicles. This is a great security measure if a restricted area or gated community will want to make sure the people coming in and out of these places actually belong there and are not trying to bring harm or trouble.

The long range RFID comes with three important elements. The long range RFID reader, the tag, and the antenna are all that make up the whole system. The reader and the antenna are two parts that work together, and they will be attached to the entrances and if necessary the exits as well. They will be responsible for sending a signal to the RFID tag to locate it when it is nearby. The RFID tag will be attached to the vehicles that have access to the areas that are using the long range RFID system. Once the vehicle along with the tag is near the reader, the gates can automatically open, giving them access immediately without having to wait.

Vehicle to infrastructure safety signals

This technological system is able to help any vehicle to transmit information with traffic control signals. Vehicle to infrastructure is also referred to as V2I, and it helps many people attain data about what exactly is happening in the traffic. Examples of things V2I can help people find out issues over irregular weather and how that is affecting the roads and traffic flow if there is a lot of congestion, and more.

Pedestrian tracking system

The Vehicle to infrastructure system is also able to be used for pedestrian safety. The interactions between pedestrians and vehicles at intersections of roads can be detected to save certain data. Tracking the number of vehicles and pedestrians passing through the intersections, that data can help city planners improve roadway planning in those areas if they need improving.