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Which shops is specialized in?

Which shops is specialized in?

It might come as a surprise, but is an online web shop which is specialized in lots of different sub-stores. Are you looking for the real deal stuff to experience a stoned evening, or are you craving to experiment with the use of mushrooms or a hookah? It can all be found in the sub-stores of Within the web shop, you can find several sub-stores, such as a smartshop; a mushroom shop; a CBD shop; a headshop and even a shop where you can buy various vaporizers! When ordering at, you can be sure that you purchase high quality products; they tested all the products before offering it in the web shop. 



A smartshop is a store in which psychoactive substances can be bought. Pills by which you will get hallucinating, healing herbs or detoxing substances, in the smartshop of 24High you will find it all.  



Within a headshop, you can find attributes that might increase the level of experience of using smartshop products. Thus, when aiming to use the real deal; the products offered in a headshop might optimize your experience. Hereby can be thought of grinders, bongs or party products.


Mushroom shop

Mushrooms can be used for mind-altering and hallucinating purposes. Within the mushroom shop of 24High, you will find mushroom-grow-kits to harvest your own hallucinating mushrooms, also you will find fresh magic truffles. Unfortunately, paddo’s are not allowed in the Netherlands, thus you won’t find paddo’s in the mushroom store of 24High.


CBD shop

CBD is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol, which is derived from the tops and leaves from a hemp plant. Within the CBD shop of 24High, the store is selling CBD oil. This oil is a mix from the substance CBD combined with natural oils. CBD oil can be used to reduce anxiety and has relaxing benefits. Thereby, it can be used as lotion on your skin; it avoids irritations, and it is anti-inflammatory.


Vaporizer shop

When aiming to have a really good, stoned evening, but you don’t feel like doing this in an unhealthy way, you could make use of a vaporizer. Using a vaporizer is seen as the healthy way of getting high, since the THC will be burnt and vaporized; so you won’t inhale the unhealthy materials of the plants you are smoking.